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About Florida Mold Stoppers

For years now we have been cleaning homes of mold, mildew and black mold removing all traces of these harmful and often toxic substances that affect your breathing and indoor air quality.

Located in South Florida, our proprietary "Green" mold killing and preventative formula is a 2-step process. First, we use a safe yet powerful bactericide, virucide, fungicide and desinfectat product to get rid of harmful mold and spores. If mold stains exist, we may try to remove the stain at this point. Next, after a drying time of a few hours or less, we apply the second part of our formula, which provides long lasting mold inhibition thereby preventing the original mold infestation as well as stopping any new mold from taking hold. Within a day or so after completing the process, should there be any remaining mold staining, the affected areas can be painted over.

Our team of professionals are certified mold removal experts in getting rid of even the toughest mold or mildew problems including black mold. Our firm is not only licensed and insured but highly focused on customer service.

Due to the serious nature of your need to clean mold out of your home or office once and for all, we offer a free consultation (simply fill out the form on the right of this page or call us at (954) 445-5560).  It is our goal to respond as quickly as we can to give you insight into how serious (if at all) your mold problem truly is and provide you with your options.



Ft Lauderdale Mold Remediation Before and After Pictures